Smith Creek Studios develops and produces motion pictures for entertainment and occasionally for educational purposes. See http://smithcreekstudios.com for further information. We are based in Wimberley, Texas and use local actors and locations in all productions.SCS logo 2-25-11

Rodger Marion wrote, produced and directed Nudged. He has made motion pictures for over (and he hates to admit this) 50 years. His films have been shot on 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film and he currently uses a digital cinema camera that eclipses them all.

In the odd moments, between films, Rodger is a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Consider that realm at http://rodgermarion.com.

For further information please contact Rodger at rmarion@hotmail.com.

Rodger directs John Daws and Paloma Bermudez

Rodger directs John Daws and Paloma Bermudez in the
Stock Movie Company production of Wine Bar of the Mind

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