Premiere Miracles

It’s raining this morning. With thunder. And it has been raining like this for the last two weeks. Last night, however, there was no rain during the premiere of Nudged. Many people were affirming “no rain” and it was made so. Also, the new digital projector at the Corral Theater had been malfunctioning during tests all week, but last night it worked perfectly. Nudged on the big screen looked and sounded wonderful (and I’m an unbiased observer, right?).

A few photos are below. There is a whole album of premiere pics on my Facebook page. My trusty Assistant Director, Andrea Ballentine, tried to get a shot of everyone there. Go to the album. If you are not tagged already, please tag yourself and add more photos if you wish. There were about 120 people at the premiere. It was an evening of movie magic.

Looking towards the screen 500x375

Audience listens to Rodger

Looking towards the projection booth 500x375

People never sit in the front rows

Judith Driscoll Carla Daws 500x375

Judith Driscoll (one of the extras in the party scene) talks with Carla Daws (who plays Mary)

Andrea Ballentine 500x364

Our intrepid photographer, Andrea Ballentine

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