Something Tangible

In the photograph below, the prototype for the Nudged DVD/BD is sitting on Rodger’s script binder. Inside is a disc with the whole motion picture crammed on it. Since it’s been all digital, all the time, this disc’s creation¬†is the first moment this film project has something tangible to touch.

First DVD case

I began writing the screenplay for Nudged in April 2013. Once I had a completed script, in May 2013, I printed it out and put it in a binder. That original script was replaced many times with later revisions. I have used that binder every day since then and it holds all my notes, reference pictures, receipts, business cards, rosters, schedules, etc. from the whole production process.

And sitting on top is the end product… a motion picture one can pick up, put in a machine and see images and sound unwind to tell a story.¬† It took two years to go from glimmer in my imagination to complete film. And in-between are so many people, who involved themselves in this project to my everlasting gratitude.

The photograph was taken with the Sony digital motion picture camera we used for the film (Zeiss 28mm lens, f4, 60th of a second exposure).