Writing a New Screenplay

June 1 thru June 4

Several revisions done. Screenplay is 80 pages long and has 50 scenes. Nice round numbers. Maybe I’m done. I’m asking for more readers.

May 21Nudged logo 600x182x200dpi

The vote so far:

  • Nudged 60%
  • Nudge 20%
  • Nudges 20%

Nudged has it!

May 15

  • Nudges
  • Nudge
  • Nudged

No, it’s not verb conjugation. I want your help. Which of the three titles above do you like best. Help me by posting your opinion. Thanks.

April 30Script Frenzy Logo small

It’s April 30th. From nothing to a complete draft of a feature film in 30 days. It is done and it has a tentative title, Nudges. My film school instructor said, “Screenplays are NOT written, they are re-written.” And so, now begins the re-writing of the screenplay.

April 26

Week four of Script Frenzy. Script is 65 pages long and with 40 scenes seems a complete story. Four more days to ponder and edit until the end of April.

April 12

Week Two Update. The PDF version of the screenplay is 38 pages. That’s nearing the halfway mark for a 70 minute feature film. I even did income taxes this week too.

March 31

Script Frenzy has been an activity where people from around the country wrote a screenplay in 30 days. It always began on April 1st. The sponsors of Script Frenzy, The Office of Letters and Light, have decided not to do it this year, but I’m going to pretend it’s still on and produce the script for the next film during the month of April.



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