The Big Party Scene

As of today six of the eight main roles have been cast and several of the supporting roles as well (Sept. 17 Update – 7 of 8 roles cast). Also, several production staff roles have been filled. Extras for the party scene and other supporting roles are sought.

The big scene, people-wise, of the film is the party at John’s house (Scene 21). This will be held outdoors at a private home that has a performance stage and is surrounded by sculptures. The party will be like a hippy happening from the 60’s but set in the current year. There will be guests eating and drinking, street performers, The Giant Brain (which is an interactive sculpture and street theater combined), a band or two, and nine main characters trying to advance the story line. The items below are offered to give those considering a role as an extra (guest or performer) a feeling for the party setting.

An overall view of the party area:Marvin's place 853x480

Marvin Niebuhr’s performance sculptures:

The performance stage:

The Giant Brain:

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