The main character in Nudged is Paul, who is an artist, and Paul’s friend, John, is a sculptor. So, Nudged needs art among its props. Morgan Marion has loaned us 45 of his original paintings plus he is doing 8 more specifically for the film. Marvin Niebuhr has created a six foot tall sculpture and is allowing us use of his studio for several scenes.

We also need other items. One such item is the sign outside of the Cold Creek Community television station (call letters – KCCC). In the picture below Dianne Marion is working on the sign. Note the rough draft sketch in the lower left corner. The station is owned by Joe who is an old hippy so the sign for his station recaptures some of the whimsy of the psychedelic 60’s.

Dianne painting 2 the KCCC sign 800x600x120dpi

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