Refining the Rough Cut

I have viewed the rough cut four times now. After my son Morgan and I spent four hours going over it, I had four full pages of notes and changes. It took four days to make them all. Morgan worked in TV for two decades and has the world’s best eye for inconsistencies and weak points.

Jason and I then watched the next version and I came away with three pages of notes. He caught all the audio faux pas that miss me. Jason now has the timings for the score and I’m finalizing the editing of yet another version. Soon we’ll integrate the score with the film and Jason will balance out all the audio levels on the final cut.

In one scene I needed a cut-away shot of the Sitar player but we did not shoot one. We did record the audio and I just happened to point the camera at the Sitar player while Jason recorded it. The shot ended up with the microphone quite prominent in the shot. In order to use it for my cut-away, I need to take away the microphone. See the before and after pics below. The shot is about four seconds long so any minor flubs (of which I see several) will probably (hopefully) not be noticed.

Before - Sitar with microphone

Before – Sitar with microphone

After - Sitar without microphone

After – Sitar without microphone

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