New Year and Release is Now a Downhill Run

Much of Nudged takes place at the KCCC community television station. In order to make the scenes shot there have a feeling of reality, we produced several TV programs and commercials. None of these are really complete as they only appear as inserts in the background. An exception is the episode of the Miss Margaret Show at the garden center. It is a complete segment if not a complete show. Watch it below.

Miss Margaret is played by Muriel Jackson and the garden center employee is played by Juli Dearrington. It was recorded at King Feed Hardware and Gardens in Wimberley, Texas. Thank you to Chris Nichols, the owner, and to Tim Thompson, the garden center manager.

It’s a new year (2015) and our composer, Jason Marion, has about half the music composed and produced. He says those were the hard bits and the remaining half will flow easier.

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