Scoring the Film

Creating the musical score for a motion picture is a massive task. I thought today you give you some idea of the activity. Below is a screen capture of the movie time line. Click on it for a bigger image so you can read the details.

editing score 3-12-15

The four zig-zaggy blocks at the top of the illustration are the images that move on the screen. To make editing the raw clips into finished sequences easier the project was divided into four parts. So the first sequence, in video track 1 AV, is composed of scenes 1 – 14. The second, in track 2 VA, is scenes 15-25. The third is scenes 26-34. And the last is scenes 35-50. Now each segment has been rendered to combine all the individual clips into a finished sequence. To see what scenes 35-50 look like before being rendered into a sequence of images go to this earlier posting: Rough Cut Completed.

The bottom tracks are the audio. In track 1A is the dialog and ambient sounds (foot steps, birds, whatever was in the scenes when shot). This track also includes the several musical numbers that are part of the movie, Eddie Foster’s band and Amanda Mora & Mollie Rose. These sounds were recorded with a single microphone so they are monaural (One audio channel). At the bottom, in track 4A, are sound effects that were added later. They are generally in stereo (two channels).

The two middle tracks (2A and 3A) are the music. The music is stereo. Each little segment is a piece of music that was composed and performed to fit into the story at that exact place. Some segments are used in several places. All-in-all there are 50 pieces of music that have been crafted into the time line.

We are not done yet. While there are some parts that do not have music behind the dialog, there are still many gaps to be filled in the above illustration. So far Jason has created 40 musical compositions. We have not used all of them as creativity cannot be dictated to by the movie script and so just don’t fit anywhere. An example of the latter is the Mariachi theme, that we did use in the Outtakes video, but that did not fit anywhere in the film.

It is coming together and will be completed soon.


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  1. Roger, It is all very impressive and sure makes me have an appreciation for all the work that goes into making a movie. Thanks for sharing.

    Donna Richards

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