First Review of Nudged

The movie deals with some classic themes and some new-age; a pleasant combination for a local film. “Nudged” plays a sort of soft ambient music throughout and has its moments of delightful humor and dark themes as well. What rings especially true is the happenings of everyday small-town life and the effects we all have on one another’s lives.”

— from the film review written by Candice Bruselas, Features Editor

Just in time for the premiere, the first review of Nudged was published in the San Marcos Daily Record this morning. Get your digital copy now! The review will also appear in the Wimberley View on Thursday, May 14, 2015. With the permission of the newspaper you can download a PDF of the review: Review in the San Marcos Daily Record. A new still from the film: Mary (Carla Daws) and Paul (John Daws) discuss math-in-art at the Bent Tree Gallery. Carla Daws John Daws 1920x1080