Cellophane Happiness

Nudged Shrink-Wrapped DVD 2If you look closely at the photo on the right, you will see some shiny places. That is the light reflecting off the cellophane shrink-wrap. This is the proof copy of the commercially-produced DVD of Nudged.

Actually, that is the FIRST proof copy. I needed to make some changes and review a second proof copy before it was finally ready for y’all to see.

The DVD includes the whole film and the outtakes reel. It may be purchased from CreateSpace. Any one reading this page can purchase the DVD for the cost of making and mailing the disk by entering the discount code (VZ6V4T98) when asked during the checkout process.

Amazon Instant Video Logo

Nudged is available for streaming rental to your TV from Amazon Instant Video. Check out the sidebar on the right and click where it says, “Nudged – Follow at IMDb.” Click on the link where it says, “Watch Now.”

The DVD is also available for purchase from amazon.com at the full price of twelve dollars. When you go to Amazon, enter “nudged 2015” in the Search window.